Shawn Ads is capable to design “BIG CONCEPT” nation-wide events charged with local color and cultural flavors. Such tasks are carried out in close collaboration with clients marketing, media, interactive and promotional departments.

We make things that surprise and delight the world. But our focus is also on helping clients tackle their business problems, not just their advertising challenges.

We’re about people first – the best talent teamed with the bravest clients.

We’re looking for courageous souls and fearless thinkers more interested in making history than repeating it, all in pursuit of work that both drives business results and leaves a dent in culture.

Wherever you are, so are we!

Shawn is an agency that can take you where you want to go.

The motivation and passion of our people is the most important aspect of our business and a key part of what we mean by “People first, better results”. “People first, better results” isn’t just a tag-line. We know that everything starts with our people, and we strive to create a culture that will fire our enthusiasm.