22Jun 2015

With digital advertising taking over, the future of advertising will be unexpectedly astounding… All of us browse the internet regularly and digital ads pop-up every now and then on our computer screens. Search Ads, Display ads, Social media ads, Mailers and Video ads come up with attractive offers and discounts to indulge us into buying […]

03Jan 2015

Exploring / busting the insights and truths of advertising It takes deep research and analysis of behaviors of advertisers to reach a point wherein we can comment on the above. First and foremost myth of advertising is claiming the Uniqueness of your product. When we think that our product is one of its kind or […]

30Sep 2014

In the advertising world, what’s certain today will not be certain tomorrow. Welcome to the world of Advertising. I am so amazed to see how much advertising has changed over the years. Things were so different in early 80s or 90s rather than the 21st century. Earlier, world of mouth would work as a prevalent […]