Exploring / busting the insights and truths of advertising

It takes deep research and analysis of behaviors of advertisers to reach a point wherein we can comment on the above.

First and foremost myth of advertising is claiming the Uniqueness of your product. When we think that our product is one of its kind or unique, we are mistaken as this is the claim made by everyone in the market. Here reviews and second opinions work best as however unique your product is; people tend to buy products that are familiar to them or convenient to their pockets.

Secondly, comes the interests of customers, they always cares for their own interests and not ours. Hence they are very well aware about what is good/bad for them.

The biggest myth of all is that celebrity endorsements work every time. But the truth is that few endorsements work and people have impressions that they all work. Even if it does the cost incurred on such endorsements is much greater than the profit gained from the same.

Lastly, repetition of Ads is a most common lie advertisers tell, as the truth is usually ads work from the first insertion itself. The best way is to place a single ad on trial.

There is a common theme among many of these advertising myths, it seems to be that certain people do not feel that advertising provides good value for money spent but only on a single calculation of Return on Investment – ROI .

Ending with a note saying that advertising is an essential element in the plan of every company who is looking forward to experience a sustainable growth in the coming time, and this will remain the same in future.

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