In the advertising world, what’s certain today will not be certain tomorrow.

Welcome to the world of Advertising. I am so amazed to see how much advertising has changed over the years. Things were so different in early 80s or 90s rather than the 21st century. Earlier, world of mouth would work as a prevalent element of new business but now it is all about internet…we are now into the digital era.

The basic definition of Advertising has never change it is all about creating brand and attracting customers, presented in a lustrous rainbow and help companies to get more business.

Let’s go back few years, when advertising was considered as a big deal for the companies. Advertising agencies were limited, technologies were not up to the mark and creating single advertisement was time-consuming and expensive.

Ultimately when it went to the customers, they only had an option to watch those ads. Now, era has changed. There has been a spectacular transformation in the advertisement world. This will keep shinning as the year passes.

When I say change, I don’t mean that the ad houses will not be needed or they will not exist. It just that the ad houses have to be more creative, keep experimenting new things and redefine and recreate so that they can survive ahead.
The agencies which have grown old in this industry will have to change. They can easily cope up with new challenges, and attitudes due to their experience. Now the era of digital advertising has begun.

Earlier, agencies had some creative people who use to invent and come up with new ideas. Time has gone when giving an ad was very expensive. In today’s era, companies don’t mind to spend for such ads because consumers are responding satisfactorily and pleasingly. But now, internet, social media and technology is in limelight.

If we talk about mass media i.e. TV shows, movies and radio channels have fillers called ads. Due to the HD technology even this is changing, ads can be showcased to the consumers only if they plan to see and not because the advertisers want them to see it.

The cost of using internet and digital device is reducing every day; hence customers don’t mind spending, other than wasting their time and swindle themselves with ads. Advertisers and advertisements will have good future, only if they have suitable management and appropriate usage of technology and internet.

Some suggestion for advertisers:

  • The bond of trust has to be built between the consumers and the advertisers.
  • The creative people have to experiment new style. As one style can’t survive long.
  • It’s time to explore internet and digital tools.
  • More quality and creative people needs to be hired today who can be leaders for tomorrow.

It will be difficult for the agency to survive, if they are not ready to change with changing times.

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